These illuminated manuscripts are so… cute

Everyone is always smiling, and they have these huge eyes. 

And just look at the nativity scene. What are you so happy about, Joseph? Your wife just had a child that wasn’t yours, and not only that, she has an abnormally large head, and doesn’t seem too happy about any of this.  Jesus is communing with the sun (because he is the son) by sharing some sort of laser beam connection with it, and the angels are all like “Do you know this kid? I don’t know this kid, does anyone know this kid?”

Then there’s the baptism scene, and John the Baptist is like “Holy Spirit!” as he dunks Jesus, who is pinching or jabbing at John the Baptist’s side like “oh you!”

Then there’s the one featuring Judas’ kiss. Now it’s Jesus’ turn to have an abnormally large head, and he has his arms out and is smiling like crazy. What is this?

What is this?

Kawaii Armenian illuminated manuscrips

I don’t think my day is gonna get better than this oh my goodness this is perfect